Well, my revamp of the website got stranded due to some health issues. I'm still dealing with that, but I think I'm finally doing well enough that I can start getting back to this slowly.

It'll take a while, but with luck, by October, this website should have all it's pages restyled. Wish me luck! And best wishes to all of you!

Having wrestled with CSS, I'm once again trying something simpler.  So yeah, new web design.   I thought it was appropriate since I've recently uploaded a bunch of new Yet Untitled strips.  Yay!   Manga Studio EX4 Rocks!

Also?  If you're curious about when new art or comics show up here or in my gallery, check my FACEBOOK page or my TWITTER.  I also write occasionally on LIVEJOURNAL.  But not nearly as often as I post in the other two places.

Nothing currently.  I have one on the table for Jeffrey H. Wood, and another I'm working on for me, and that's all I currently have time for.   Sorry.  :(

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