January 2023

Guess what?  I've started creating animations!  Whoo!

Right now I am creating DARK SHADOWS Tiny Toons, based on the old, Gothic/Horror "Soap" from the '60s,  And they seem to be doing quite well.  So I plan to do more. 

And perhaps, I'll try a Star Trek, Doctor Who, Batman/Superman,etc animation in the future as well. 

If you are curious to learn more, my Youtube Page is here:  @twoodakateresachallender3518

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Look!  I illustrated a comic book story!

I just finished illustrating a short story by Tom Fellrath for his company's book, HEROES NOW #2.  And I had a fantastic time!

And since this is the first story I've drawn in ages and ages, Tom is offering, for a VERY SHORT TIME -- til September 15th -- preorders for a special Artist Edition.  Order now, because it will not be offered again.  These will come with a physical copy of HEROES NOW #2 and a special ARTIST EDITION, which includes a signed and numbered bookmark (see below).  Click the link to order now!!  The ARTIST EDITION will never again be offered in physical form.


Also, I'd like to do more comic book story illustration. 
More on my Commissions Page!

Wanna Free Sketch?



Look for it at your friendly neighborhood book store, or on  Available in hardback or on Kindle!  Yay!

Leave me a nice review, then come back and click the link above to pick out one of my remaining, "THANK YOU!" sketches for free!  Whoo hoo! 

And thanks for dropping by!  I hope that you are all having a wonderful year!

Yours Very Truly,

Teri S. Wood

Teri S. Wood

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