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Banner Ads -- For sale or trade

You might have noticed the banner ads above each of my Yet Untitled web comic strips. 

Dimensions for either a image or animation are approximately 500px by 115px. If you have an ad that's a bit off those dimensions, I can probably still use it.  I've allowed extra space for different dims.  Email me and ask.

For your banner?  You can say pretty much anything you'd like -- as long as it's friendly.  I know it pretty much doesn't need to be said, but yeah, nothing against any person or group.  Thankz.

SO -- advertise your comic, your shop, or just wish someone a happy birthday.  A banner runs for 1 full year and costs only $5

If interested, please email me at resafantasyarts at  Please put "banner ad" in the subject line, so I can find it faster. I respond in usually within 24-48 hours. 

Ad Swapping?

Have a web comic?  Want to trade?  Email me!

Now, the Banners


Banner3 and one more Banner4


I'd really hoped to have an animated banner to offer up, but though I love animation ... I am really lousy at it.  So after 2 days trying, I gives it up.  But feel free to make one, if you're so inclined. :-)  Here -- I'll even provide a link to a zip folder with several clips from Wandering Star.  

-- Resa

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