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Wandering Star by Teresa Challender

Wandering Star is a monthly, 21 issue, webcomic starting January 2011.

The entire issue of WANDERING STAR is now up for public consumption. 

I had intended to put this up monthly, then follow it up with DARKLIGHT -- but things have not gone exactly as planned. 

As many of you know, the United States job market is pretty bad. Far too many people are under-employed or umemployed completely. 

When I set off on this plan, I was under the impression that if I trained as a Certified Nursing Assitant, the pay range runs between $10.50 and about $16 an hour, full time, with good benefits. And my area being a higher priced retirement community, I expected at least $12 to start. 

The reality is that no facility here pays even the low end. Mine pays just above minimum wage, and people have come from all around the state to work here because of that, and the fact we also offer full time hours -- which is rare. 

This means it is difficult to make a living wage on 37 hours a week. Which eats up my free time far more than I'd anticipated. The end result is that I'm not going to be online very much for a while. So, I've put up the entire WANDERING STAR series. DARKLIGHT is tentatively on hold, but I'm still working on it. My cousin/roommate pretty much demanded I not let it go, as it's my baby. So, gonna keep doing that. 


Since the series is now completely up, I've decided to do something a bit different with the ad space. If you have a webcomic you want to help push -- yours or someone elses -- create me a banner ad and I'll put it up on one of the pages for free. No strings. 

I only ask that you make it yourself, since I won't have time to make one for you. And email me it with the link you'd like it attached to. And I'll get that up as soon as I can. Though it might take a couple of weeks. 

Thanks so much -- Yours, Teresa Challender


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If Wandering Star was ever made into a movie, would this be the cast?

Various Reviews online:

"...Wandering Star is what comics *should* be. Teri Sue Wood's love of her characters and story shines through in every page. ...." 
--February 10, 2000 Customer Review

"...Teri Sue Wood’s detailed pen-and-ink style does a wonderful job with alien faces, which beautifully supports her themes. Her backgrounds are fully detailed, which gives the world depth and realism..."
-- Feb 18th 2006, Comics Worth Reading by Johanna Draper Carlson

"...Any fan of well-written science fiction or fantasy, as well as those who enjoy graphic novels, should pick up this trilogy immediately. It's well worth the cost, and will stay on your shelf of favorites for a long time to come!" --April 2, 2000 Customer Review

"...Another reviewer said it best: no one should be allowed to write a first book this good. I've called this book a "cross of Anne McCaffrey and Jim Starlin" in the past, and it still holds up - humanistic yet still plot-oriented (as in, things happen. Battles are fought. Insults are hurled. People are killed.)..." 
--Cold Cut Distribution Spotlight and review in January 1995

"...And what Wood conveys with all of this is a very compelling, emotionally powerful story..." 


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