Resa's Wish List!

Feed the Starving Artist!  With books and art materials!  
The following are things that would make my life so much more bright and shiny.

Used Books - I Love Used Books!

Whenever I have a little spare cash, I frequent garage sales, thrift stores and ebay for used books to read.  On occasion, I specifically look for hard back books of certain series in good condition -- I have a thing for dust jackets. 

Other times, I just want a paperback copy to read.  And here's what I'm currently looking for:

Any Gluten Free Cookbook

Condition -- I don't care. 'Long as I can reads it.  Learning to cook gluten free has been a challenge.

Art Materials

Anything off my DICK BLICK LIST is good.  Even used.  So if you have a handfull of prismacolor pencils you bought and don't care for?  I promise to give them a very good home.  

Other than that ...

$2 donated to my paypal account will pay for a coffee at my local coffee shop.  Which I promise to use the cash for just that, thank you!  

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