Yet Untitled -- The First!

Brief Explaination

I don't think most people are aware, but Forks, Washington used to be known as "Bigfoot Territory". Back around 2002 or so, I remember a whole spat of articles pro and con for the existance of Bigfoot in our local paper. It was a lot of fun.

Then Ms. Meyer wrote a book, and Bigfoot was suddenly replaced by vegatarian, sparkly vampires. Poor guy.

Though these days, he's back. The Twilight Tour Company has even changed it's name to Twi-Foot Tours. And now, not only can you take a tour of Twilight Tourist Stops, but also, there's a tour devoted just to Mr. Bigfoot. And Bigfoot mints are now sold at TJ Sweet Stuffs in downtown forks. :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

-- Teresa Challender

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