(Updated September 2013)

Bring your rain jacket!

Forks is located in the North Pacific Rain Forest, and gets 9 to 12 FEET (Yes, feet, not inches) of rain a year. July through September being our best months for sunny "sparkle" weather.

Since you clicked this link, I figure you're curious about the area. Where to eat, stay, see in our rainy little town. So here we go.

First up, if you're visiting during the summer months, I strongly suggest you reserve your room or camp space beforehand. Though things are not as crazy, tourist-wise, as it was some years ago, it's still not unusual to find all the hotels and campgrounds completely booked up. Particularly if you're planning to come for Bella's Birthday Bash in early September.


The FORKSWA page is a great place to find a guide to hotels and restaurants in the area. We have quite a few.

I've stayed at two during the December 2007 Hurricane. That was an experience, but I can say with confidence that the Forks Motel is very nice. They've got coffee makers in every room, and some even sport small fridges.

Later, we moved to the Town Motel because we knew the storm was coming, and the Town Motel has propane heat and hot water if the electricity goes out. The layout is far more casual.. Rooms look a bit more like a guest room in a regular house, and are very comfy. The Town Motel also had a laundry room with tables and chairs, a coffee maker, and even a exercise machine last I was there. Oh, and a garden section outside with two barbecues.

Both hotels are within walking distance of Thriftymart/Forks Outfitters.


If you're into camping, I can point you in a few directions, as I love camping. Though I should warn that you MUST HAVE Deep Wood's Off bug spray, if you want to have any fun at all. Once you go to these lovely green places, you're going to find that the Forks area has many, many bitey bugs. Also, the DW can propellant version works best. The pump version works on skin, but not clothing. That said, ONWARD!

Mora Campground, next to lovely Rialto Beach, is between both Forks and La Push. Rates were around $15 a night last I checked, and they have flush toilets and running water bathrooms. Sites are well groomed, and just lovely -- see my Forks Gallery.

Klahanie (klah-hawn-nee) Campground is beautiful, but rough (basic) camping, with not all sites sporting tables and fire pits And with only 1 outhouse, and no running water, it's a bit overpriced at $10 a night. But it does have river side camp sites, and since few people use it, you can sometimes have a whole section to yourself. Also, it's near more wilderness, so there's lots of places to hike to. And, it's only a mile out of Forks, and that can be a plus.

Kalaloch (Kah'lay lock) Campground is probably the best campground in all of Washington. At least, I think so. And I'm not the only one, Goggle it. It's a bit of a drive -- 35 miles from Forks, but wonderful to stay at. Campgrounds feature nicely kept bathrooms with flush toilets and running water, plus there's a small theatre where camp officials sometimes give educational talks about the area.

Kalaloch has two kinds of campsites -- you can camp on the hillside over-looking the beaches -- lovely views, but cold as heck, thanks to the sea breezes. Or you can camp more within the forest, where it's much warmer, but you have to protect your picnic table from those pesky raccoons. Campsites ran around $25 a night, last I was there. And if you're driving back and forth from Forks, make sure to stop and gawk at the Big Cedar Tree, which is something to see.


I fear that I tend to do most of my own cooking, and rarely eat out, but I have sampled a few of our food joints.

Pacific Pizza gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. If you like loaded pizzas, this place is for you. I've never seen so many toppings on a pizza in my life! They also have great chili, so my cousin tells me.

The Golden Gate Restaurant is very good, and last I checked, does not use MSG -- so you don't get that "can't get enough to drink, so thirsty" reaction you often get with Chinese food.

I haven't been to The Forks Coffeeshop, but I've heard so many great things about it, that it has to be on my recommend list. I've heard that their Lumberjack-style Breakfasts are HUGE.

Though it's not fine dining, The Forks Outfitters is always an option. They have quite a few deli specials, and a Tully's Coffee shop, for that quick bite to eat. The only downside is that their chicken pieces are quite small. I tend to lean toward their day old packages -- they're labeled 8 pieces, but often have up to 15 pieces, so it's a much better buy.

And if you're ever in the area when one of our occasional, massive winter storms hit -- The Forks Outfitters will be open, AND have hot coffee and hot food even when every other place in town is closed due to electrical blackouts. Bless'em!

JT Sweet Stuff is our local ice cream and candy shop, that has now expanded to include soups, coffee and sandwiches. Sit, eat and watch the locals.. The ice cream is great, love the fudge. I haven't tried the expanded menu yet, but I've heard only good things. And hey -- candy shop! What's more fun that going to a candy shop?


For Touristy Twilight Trinkets, pretty much everyone in town will have something to sell. From Leppell's and Native to Twilight, to our Chinnok Pharmacy and The Forks Outfitters. Everyone. Yes, really. I even have a cartoon about it.

There are Twifoot (Twilight and Bigfoot, choice is yours) tours available. Or you can grab a map at Leppell's and drive around yourself.

The La Push, Quileute Tribe and First Beach (webcam), of course. And for those traveling only virtually, they even have a nifty new online shop, from which most of my Twilight Themed gifts are purchased from these days. Watch those specials. Last year's Quileute Days T-shirts are often a great buy.

The Forks Web page has local info, weather, rainfall totals (a bit behind currently), and tide tables. Plus a Web Cam ... that works only about half the time, dang it. We used to check it to see if it was snowing in town., or if it was just us. Miss it. Hope they fix it soon.


There is my Forks Gallery, with my Twilight Print on it. And my YU Cartoon about life in Forks, Twilight and Bigfoot. Make me happy -- take a peek.

Hope you found something of interest here. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Have a great day!

-- Teresa Challender

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