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I hope I don't shock anyone, but yes, I support Medical Marijuana. I got into it when Jatina became so ill in 2013.

The first time I walked into a MMJ shop, it was under great duress, and I have to admit it felt a little like I was walking through The Gates of Purgatory. It frightening, and it was overwhelming. And sure, I was Pro-MMJ, but that's a lot different than going into a shop to actually BUY some!

And so, from that experience, Jatina and I created a little booklet called "RSO FOR NEWBIES". In it we have some starter instructions and advice for anyone coming into this like we did. We hope it'll make the transition a little easier.

Lastly, re-reading the book, I noted that I sound like I've become a Pot Head. HEH! Nothing wrong with that, but I haven't. But I did feel that I needed to have the RSO experience to understand it for this book. Plus? Yes, I now use it occasionally for anxiety and IBS, though only before bed. It's great for IBS, and helps muchly with anxiety.


Not all Medical Marijuana Shops are created equal.

We got incredibly lucky with ours -- Karma Wellness in Port Angeles -- they knew their stuff, and could explain what you needed to know expertly. The next shop we tried barely even understood what RSO was, and the quality of their products was ... not what I'd want for anyone who is ill

There are many sites online that give reviews of your local shops -- Weed Maps is one I know of. I advise you go read that first, unless your doctor has a glowing recommendation for you already. Ours pointed us toward Karma Wellness. I'd seen it before ... but thought it was a Yoga Shoppe. Heh.

And of course -- THE DISCLAIMER -- this is not intended to be medical advice. We are not doctors. If you're sick, go see one.


It's in OPEN OFFICE format, so if you haven't gotten a copy of that program yet, you'll probably need it to print the book out. It's set up for our Brother Laser Printer, and I hope it'll work on whatever printer you have at home. And for the record -- Brother's B&W Laser Printers ROCK. They're inexpensive to buy, and the pages are gorgeous, and very, very cheap to print. If you're looking to print a lot of stuff like this -- get one!!

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