NANCY GIRL, Tuesday, December 9th 2014


I have a early, New Year’s Resolution. I am going to draw EVERY SINGLE DAY. With a goal to have something, anything, worth posting once a week.

Sometimes it’ll be a Nancy Girl Cartoon, like this one -- I have a few already finished and ready to go -- or it might be a page from a short comic book story like the UNITY one I’m working on tonight. Or it might just some black and white, stippled and lined art. But SOMETHING. I’m focusing on short, quick, projects to keep the ball rolling.

I’ve kinda rusted, so it’s time to shake the bugs out. A lot of bad stuff is in the past, and time to start focusing on the future.

I’ll make sure to post links on my Facebook, my Livejournal page, and my Twitter whenever I have something new up. Feel free ta bug me. I’m GOING to make this HAPPEN.

-- Teresa Challender, December 2014

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