My Cherryh Fan Page!

Yes, I am a big fan of Ms. Cherryh's work.  Particularly her Foreigner Series -- thank goodness, a new book is due out soon (March 2010) and another has just been completed. Me so happy! 

Foreigner Fan Art.

Yes.  I haz some.  It grows from time to time.  Generally each time a new book comes out.  :P  And you can find it HERE, in the Fun and Fantasy Art Gallery listed under the menu.

And I also have avatars!

I used to post them here, but I have far too many now.  So feel free to download them all in a file HERE!  You can use them however you like, but please make sure to give me credit. 

Cherryh Links. 

SHEJIDAN -- a Cherryh message board.  With fan art and stories.

Wave Without A Shore -- Ms. Cherryh's Blog

Foreigner Bibiomancy -- Foreigner Thought for the Day

Closed Circle -- Buy Cherryh's original stories in digital form.  

Best wishes!

-- Resa

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